Are Tesla Yoke Steering Wheels Crumbling Apart After 5000 Miles?

A series of Tesla owners have reported issues with the controversial steering wheel
Are Tesla Yoke Steering Wheels Crumbling Apart After 5000 Miles?

It’s fair to say that Tesla has had its fair share of build quality issues over the years, but the latest problem owners are encountering involves the controversial ‘yoke’ steering wheel. Several owners have posted to Twitter showing the materials on their yokes falling apart, with some users reporting the issue on Teslas with as little as 5000 miles on the clock.

Signs of wear and tear are to be expected on vehicles after years of use, but Twitter users claim that the materials on one yoke began to disintegrate on a Model S Plaid with just 20,000 miles on the clock, and another after even less.

Some Tesla diehards have been quick to blame drivers for anything from gripping the steering wheel with excess force to spilling beer. Because it definitely can’t be a manufacturing fault, right?

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We think the most likely reason for yoke-gate is the low-quality materials used on the wheel. After all, you don’t hear many issues being reported about the degrading of materials in BMW and Mercedes models.

Last month, we heard that Tesla employees in Germany may have painted over structural cracks that began appearing on a Model 3, while issues with the car’s infotainment systems and ‘Summon Mode’ have also made the headlines.

What do you think? Are Tesla and its low-quality materials to blame, or have drivers been gripping the yoke too hard? Let us know your thoughts.

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