AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

BMW's new super SUV can now be treated to a range of upgrades launched by German tuner AC Schnitzer
AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

German tuner AC Schnitzer has been busy working its way through all of BMW’s shiny new models. To go with the hopped-up Z4 it revealed late last year - along with a worked-over version of the Toyota GR Supra sister car - there’s now a range of go-faster bits and pieces for the X3 M.

AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

With 503bhp from its ‘S58’ inline-six, the X3 M is hardly wanting for power, but in any case, AC Schnitzer will give you more. After some unspecified work (we’re assuming an ECU fiddle) your X3 M can develop 591bhp. Its engine is set to be used in the next-generation M3 and M4, so expect a similar boost for those cars once they’re here.

As detailed in our review, the X3 M isn’t the most comfortable thing to travel in. Actually, that’s being a tad too diplomatic - the SUV is one of the worst-riding cars we tested last year. Which is why you’re probably best off avoiding the AC Schnitzer spring kit, which lowers the ride height by 20mm at the front and 25mm at the rear.

AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

You probably want to steer clear of AC2 alloy wheel option too - those rims measure a colossal 22 inches in diameter. There is, thankfully, the 20-inch ‘AC1’ set of alloys available instead.

To go with the new wheels and sportier stance, AC Schnitzer is also offering new aero parts including a front splitter and rear wing. The finishing touch for the exterior is a neat array of AC Schnitzer badges.

AC Schnitzer Has Built A Near-600bhp BMW X3 M

The interior gets a bit of a spruce too, courtesy of some new aluminium parts. You’ll find a new pedal set and footrest, a keyholder, iDrive controller trim and gear shift paddles all made from the stuff.

Do you reckon AC Schnitzer’s changes make the X3 M any more appealing?



absolutely pointless

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The only nice thing about M suvs is that you won’t feel bad for taking the engine out of them

01/22/2020 - 16:16 |
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AC Schnitzer UK

Early customer feedback from our development car is that our suspension kit and 22” wheel combination is actually MORE comfortable than the standard suspension with 21” BMW wheels.

Don’t believe us? Visit AC Schnitzer in Aachen and try it!

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