75-Year-Old Petrolhead Chases His 200mph Dream in Modified Nissan GT-R

The 75-year-old hopes to realise his dream of reaching 200mph in a highly modified Nissan GT-R
75-Year-Old Petrolhead Chases His 200mph Dream in Modified Nissan GT-R

If you’re a petrolhead, you’ve probably fantasised about driving at 200mph at some point. Not many people get the chance to live this dream, but the star of this video wants to tick this achievement off his lifelong bucket list. Barry – a 75-year-old petrolhead with a need for speed – is on a mission to reach 200mph in his 2012 Nissan GT-R project car.

Barry’s longstanding passion for cars began when a Porsche 911 roared past him as a young lad, and he’s had the car bug ever since. That moment eventually led to him purchasing the iconic Japanese sports car around nine years ago. However, Barry wanted to go even faster than what the blisteringly quick GT-R was capable of, so he sent his beloved ride overseas for a total transformation.

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The GT-R’s engine has been kitted out with upgraded con-rods, pistons, valve springs and an uprated crankshaft. The car’s original turbochargers have been replaced with more powerful Garrett units, the gearbox now uses straight-cut gears, and a Flexi-fuel system allows the car to run on a 50 per cent ethanol fuel mixture. Barry’s GT-R is a serious bit of kit, and on top of an increased redline of 8000rpm, the car’s power unit is now capable of putting down more than 1200bhp to all four wheels.

With the car more than capable of reaching the target of 200mph, all the 75-year-old needed was an empty stretch of runway and the confidence to take on the challenge

75-Year-Old Petrolhead Chases His 200mph Dream in Modified Nissan GT-R

Considering Barry had never even used the launch control system on his GT-R, let alone reached the 200mph mark, some may have said that the goal was too unrealistic. But Barry isn’t your average 75-year-old, and at 10:00 minutes into the video, Barry launches the GT-R on his 200mph mission. Have a watch to see if he achieves his goal.

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