740bhp Seat Leon Hill Climb Car Has A Turbo VR6 And A Giant Wing

This bonkers hill climb car from Croatia was born out of a wrecked VW Golf R32, and it sounds rather furious
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A second-generation Seat Leon wouldn’t be the kind of car we’d normally be gagging to watch a YouTube video for, but this is no ordinary example of the breed. It’s the 740bhp monster belonging to a chap called Dejan Dimitrijevic, who used it to secure 2nd place overall in the Croatian Hill Climb Championship in 2021.

It took the 3.2-litre turbocharged VR6 engine borrowed from his last car, a MkV VW Golf R32 which was wrecked in a crash. This six-cylinder unit powers all wheels via a six-speed sequential KAPS gearbox, and uses what’s described by the uploading YouTube channel as “pretty much the most aggressive ALS [anti-lag] system in all of hill climb racing.

740bhp Seat Leon Hill Climb Car Has A Turbo VR6 And A Giant Wing

Featured in the video at the top of the page is footage from the Ilirska-Bistrica and Skradin events in the championship, where Dimitrijevic placed 6th and 2nd respectively. The car sounds brilliantly furious throughout and is clearly very capable.

Our main feeling after watching this? It seems like a shame Seat never got to make its own version of the Golf R32. The closest the Spanish VW Group subsidiary came was the Cupra 4, which used a 2.8-litre VR6 and was only sold in select markets. Before you head off to the classifieds, no - the UK wasn’t one of them.


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