6 Reasons Why Everyone Hates On Hondas

Honda drivers get a lot of stick from us lot. But why do we all hate? Here are some of your opinions...

honda meme

Last week, I stumbled across yet another meme that took the piss out of Honda drivers. Which got me thinking - where did the hate for the VTEC kicked in, yo! crew start? Are all Honda drivers assholes? Are non-Honda owners jealous that VTEC will never kick in?

Check out the 3 heroic Hondas we must protect from ricers.

To find out the reason why Honda drivers and their cars get such bad press, I put the question out there on the interweb. Here's what you lot had to say:

1. Civic Ricers Who Race

screen shot 1

2. Dickheads Like This

Remote video URL

3. 'Obnoxious Mods'

screen shot 4screen shot 3

screen shot 2

4. Stereotypical Honda Owners

screen shot 6

screen shot 7

5. The Meme Phenomenon


chuck norris

vtec 2

vtec 3


6. The Fast And The Furious

screen shot 8

What's your take on the subject? Do you hate? If so, why?


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