This Custom Porsche 911 Has A Central Seating Position Just Like A McLaren F1

Don't ask us why, just check out the pictures for proof that someone in America has turned a practical, everyday sports car into an impractical McLaren F1-impersonator!

The Mid-Engined Porsche 911 RSR Is Here, And It's A Widebody Monster

The all-new RSR has been revealed at the LA Auto Show, and as suspected, it's been given a mid-engine layout

Porsche Has Just Teased The New, Probably Mid-Engine 911 RSR

In two day's time Porsche will reveal its new RSR race car, which - if you believe the rumours - will be mid-engined...

This Hero Hit The 1 Million Mile Mark In His Porsche 356 After Daily Driving It For 40 Years

Here's the story of Guy Newmark, who's just pushed his 356 over the one million mile mark after using it as his daily for 40 years

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It's essentially a Z06 with a less shouty engine, but is the Grand Sport any good as a sports car? Motor Trend put it up against a Porsche 911 to find out

This 530bhp Porsche Turbo-Engined VW T1 Is All Kinds Of Awesome

We see Porsche-engined VW busses all the time, but this 993 Turbo-powered example is particularly worthy of your attention

Purists Will Hate This Suspiciously Half-Finished LS3-Swapped Porsche 911

After news reached us that Australian tuners have developed an LS-based V12, we were inspired to look through the classifieds for LS V8 project cars. This Porsche in the US is controversial on more than one level

How Much Power Will Have This 996 Porsche 911 Lost In 243,000 Miles?

After buying the cheapest 911 he could find - a 1999 996 with a massive 243k on the clock - this guy thought he'd put it on the dyno, to see how many horses have 'escaped' over the years...

Watch The Mad Rimac Concept One Annihilate A Porsche 918 Spyder

A couple of months ago we saw the crazy 1088bhp best a LaFerrari in a drag race. In this video from Salomondrin, the electric supercar has another of the Holy Trinity in its sights...

Mark Webber Drove His Porsche WEC Car Around London And It Looked Epic

Former F1 driver and reigning FIA World Endurance Championship champion Mark Webber surprised commuters this morning by driving his 919 Hybrid LMP1 prototype through central London

Watch A Porsche Cayman GT4 Get Wrecked At The 'Ring After A Coolant Spill

Apparently due to the BMW E30 3-series seen at the beginning of the video dropping a load of coolant (and possibly a little oil), numerous cars spin off the Nordschleife, including a Cayman GT4

Lexus LFA Vs Porsche Carrera GT: Which Has The Better Sounding V10?

The LFA and Carrera GT are arguably the two greatest-sounding V10 cars ever made, but which belts out the best noise? Watch this compilation and decide for yourself...