The Wired New Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has 520bhp And A 9000rpm Redline

So revs. Many performance. Porsche has released the details of the very slightly facelifted 911 GT3 RS, and those stickers come with boosts to the power, noise and rev ceiling

The Next Porsche 911's Shapely Rear Has Been Leaked

An image showing the rear-end of the '992'-generation 911 has appeared online

The Next Porsche 911 GT3 Might Not Be Turbocharged After All

The head of Porsche's motorsport programmes has flat-out denied that the next 911 GT3 will have turbochargers, and so the saga continues...

The New 513bhp Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has Been Leaked

Leaks are fast becoming a fact of business life for car makers, but let Porsche's chagrin be your early morning bonus with the first leaked details of the next GT3 RS

It Looks Like The Next Porsche 911 GT3 Will Be Turbocharged, PDK Only

The '992' GT3 will reportedly ditch its glorious N/A flat-six for a turbocharged engine, and the manual option could be for the chop too

Porsche Goes To Great Lengths To Explain Why Its Brakes Squeal

Stuttgart has made an in-depth video that explains the phenomenon of brake squeal, making the Internet wonder how many customers have been complaining about it...

Feast Your Eyes On The Rally 911 That Almost Humbled Porsche Itself

In 2007, surgeon Erik Brandenburg built a classic 911 into a lightweight, resilient rally beast that came agonisingly close to beating a host of factory-backed Porsche Cayennes on the 2007 TransSyberian Rally

Now's Your Chance To Buy 18 Unused Porsche 911 GT3s

After a wealthy Dutchman ordered 18 identical 911 GT3s solely for use on a planned race track that was eventually cancelled, they just sat in a warehouse... until now

The Porsche Mission E Concept Could Have Three Power Outputs

Porsche is reportedly considering three different power outputs for the car codenamed J1, although it's not clear how many will make production

Over Half Of Porsche 718 Sales Could Soon Be GTS-Flavoured

Porsche is expecting the new GTS Cayman and Boxster to boost falling 718 sales, to the point where half of orders could be for the new, spicier variant

The Supercar Scene Shows Humankind At Its Best, And Here's Why

As hypercars move into different interpretations of hybridisation, the rejuvenated supercar scene has come to represent something much more than just speed

The Porsche Museum Just Finished Restoring Its Oldest 911, And We're In Love

Porsche has released a series of images showcasing the restoration of a gorgeous 1964 '901', now the oldest 911 in the official Porsche Museum

Behold The Greatest Porsche 911 Build You Were Never Meant To See

When one of the world's most secretive car builders does a project for the chief of design at Bugatti, it's not meant for general viewing. A filmmaker spent four years just tracking the guy down...

Watch An 18-Month Porsche 911 Restoration Play Out Over 4 Minutes

This multi-talented mechanic has posted a video of his 18-month 911 RSR restoration, handily compressed into four-and-a-bit minutes