Mercedes Is Planning A 400bhp+ CLA Shooting Brake

Mercedes has confirmed the arrival of an all-new CLA and CLA Shooting Brake for 2019, with AMG flagships packing over 400bhp

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After conceding the 2018 Formula 1 title to Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel was filmed congratulating staff in the Mercedes garage

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New Mercedes SL Arriving In 2020, Will Sit On Next-Gen AMG GT Base

The next SL is set to be lighter and more focused than the current model and will drop its folding hardtop roof

AMG Project One Could Beat The 919's 'Ring Record, But Mercedes Isn't Keen To Try

Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers is confident that a Project One with modifications could beat Porsche's Nurburgring time, but don't expect an attempt to happen

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Mercedes' mid-size SUV is longer than before and is packing a clever 48-volt active suspension system

The Mercedes EQC Is Stuttgart's Tesla Model X Beater

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After an argument with his ex-girlfriend, this man tried to stop her leaving in his Mercedes, jumping onto the bonnet and calling police as she sped onto the freeway

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If hacking around in your lifestyle pickup under a mere four cylinders' worth of power just doesn't cut it for you, Mercedes could double your fun - but only if you ask for it

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The driver of this first-gen SLK was spotted in Barcelona driving with a wheel hanging off after what must have been a huge accident

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The GT R has monstrous torque from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, but can it overcome the hybrid wizardry and four-wheel drive of the mighty Honda NSX?