This Lifted BMW 650i Is Our Kind Of Rally Car

Driver Andreas Aigner demonstrates why V8 rear-wheel drive rally cars are awesome at the 2016 Rallyshow Santa Domenica

The 10 Most Stupid Motorsport Moments From 2016

With the winners, champions and exciting action comes the silly and bizarre motorsport moments. That was no exception in 2016. As the racing season comes to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at the stupidest moments from this year’s motorsport

Watch This Guy Almost Get Annihilated By A Novice Karter

Confusing the brake pedal with the accelerator happens quite often in cars, but when they're spaced so far apart on a go-kart, you have to wonder how this lady confused the two...

Audi R8 GT3 Driver Flips At Macau Yet Still Wins Race

Laurens Vanthoor took victory in the GT World Cup race at Macau despite suffering a huge airborne crash in his Audi, which brought out the red flag and cut the race short

10 Classic Racing Game Intros That’ll Hit You In The Nostalgia Feels

A lot of us have invested many well-spent hours and years playing video games, so we thought we'd hit you right in the nostalgia feels with these classic racing game intros! Time to dig out that old console?

This Grand Tour Trailer Homage Is All About An Epic MX-5 Adventure

Take the Grand Tour's trailer, remove the budget and insert the famous 'Ring Banana' Mazda MX-5, and this is the result!

GT86 Race Car Flips Onto Roof And Rolls Over Barrier In Huge Shunt

Michael Scott’s Toyota GT86 made contact with another car during a Toyota Finance 86 Championship race in New Zealand, which caused his car to flip into its roof, roll several times and end up jumping over the catch fencing

This Truck Was So Angry, It Spat Out Its Own Engine

This competitor at the 2016 National Tractor Pulling Championships experienced a rather hefty technical issue, which saw his heavily modified semi truck spit out its Caterpillar diesel engine...

The Ford Mustang GT4 Is The Shelby GT350R's Angry Race Car Cousin

Ford has created a GT4-spec racer from the current Mustang, and the results are predictably stunning

Overtaking During A Massive Brake Lock Up Takes Serious Balls

The recent Gold Coast 600 round of the Australian Supercars series featured one of the most stunning overtakes we've seen this year

Dieselgate Has Killed Off VW’s WRC Programme

Following the 'dieselgate' emissions scandal, the Volkswagen Group looks set to kill off another of its motorsport programmes by ditching its involvement in the World Rally Championship

Drag Racer Takes Flight At 200mph Yet Still Wins Round

Two-time Funny Car champion Cruz Pedregon went for an incredibly wild ride during the Toyota NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas after his drag racer caught flight and completed a beautiful wheelie

An Electric Global Rallycross Series Is Coming In 2018

Red Bull Global Rallycross race weekends will be joined by an all-electric series for the 2018 season, alongside the current Supercar and GRC Lites categories

Multiple MotoGP Riders Simultaneously Crash At The Same Corner

The Moto3 race in Malaysia was an unusual one, with three of the lead group crashing simultaneously at Turn 7, with one rider already in the gravel and another joining them shortly after