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This WRC Driver Didn't Let A Missing Wheel Stop Him

WRC privateer Martin Prokop was looking set for a points finish at Rally Spain when he ripped a wheel off his Ford Fiesta RS. But in typical rally driver style, he soldiered on and kept going, eventually retiring two stages from the finish

Ambitious Overtake Kills Two BMW E46 M3 Race Cars At The 'Ring

An optimistic overtake on a narrow corner of Nordschleife just before Wehrseifen resulted in two wrecked M3s at last weekend's RCN race

Here’s Onboard Footage Of That Ridiculously Brilliant Rallycross Overtake

Mattias Ekstrom may have clinched the FIA World Rallycross title in Germany but it was Kevin Eriksson’s awesome three-car overtake around the outside at the first corner that captured everyone’s attention. Now we have epic onboard footage of the pass

Watch A Rallycross Car Literally Land On Top Of A Rival

Joni Wiman made an unusual overtaking attempt during the Red Bull Global Rallycross final in Los Angeles when he ran side-by-side with David Higgins' Subaru as they went over a 70-foot jump, With his Honda landing on top of his rival's car

This Drifty First Corner Overtake Is One Of The Best We’ve Ever Seen

Kevin Eriksson treated us to one of the greatest first corner overtakes motorsport has ever seen with a stunning pass around the outside at the FIA World Rallycross supercar final in Germany

14 Of The Most Spectacular Engine Failures In Motorsport

A race car engine being pushed to the limit will sometimes give up the ghost and when an engine fails, it’s usually pretty dramatic. Here are the most spectacular engine failures we’ve seen in motorsport

Shouty V8s And Retro Looks Make This Is Our New Favourite Motorsport Series

No, you’re not looking at a single-seater race car from the 1970s; this is actually a brand-new car for the Formula Thunder 5000 series and it’s powered by a monstrous V8 engine

Mark Webber Just Announced He’s Retiring From Racing

Super-quick driver, shoey-drinker and all-round nice guy Mark Webber has announced he’s hanging up his racing helmet at the end of the 2016 season

This Might Just Be The Most Awkward Motorsport Crash Of 2016

After failing to make a tight hairpin turn during this hillclimb event, a Ferrari F430 driver decides the best solution is to floor it. As you'll see, it doesn't quite work out...

Spectator Killed In Tragic San Marino Rally Crash

One person was killed and eight others injured after a horrific crash at last weekend's San Marino Rally Legend event

14 Immense Moments From The Epic Bathurst 1000

The Bathurst 1000 is always one of the most exciting races of the motorsport season and that continued this year. Packed full of drama and incidents, here were the most memorable moments!

Watch This Ferrari Pile Drive A Barrier At Speed

Ferrari Challenge Cup driver Eric Cheung was competing in race one at Jerez when slight contact on the run to the first corner pitched his car into the barrier at high speed. Amazingly, he escaped the crash unharmed

Touring Car Gets Serious Air After Hefty Crash

Turismo Nacional touring car driver Damian Romero was racing at the Autódromo Oscar Cabalén in Argentina when contact with another car pitched his Citroen right into the wall

10 Of The Strangest Motorsport Rules

Motorsport rules and regulations sometimes make for great racing, while other times, they're just downright weird. Here are some of the strangest rules...