Your Ears Deserve To Hear This Porsche 911 GT3 Rally Car

This 996-generation GT3 rally car sounds incredible as it's put through its paces in various environments

Remind me later

We have quite a soft spot for rear-wheel drive rally cars here at CT, particularly ones of the Porsche variety. We went all gooey inside when Porsche revealed a concept Cayman GT4 rally car a couple of months ago, and we’re now finding ourselves swooning over this 996-generation 911 GT3 rally car.

Yep, it is indeed a 996 as far as we can gather - it looks to have been given the round headlamps of a 997. But don’t get distracted by the curious conversion - just hit play and watch driver Ruben Zeltner ring the car’s neck in this highlights video.

You’re going to be wanting some headphones for this.

Video via Road & Track