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Your Car Of The Year 2012 (With Infographic)

Your votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that your COTY 2012 is...

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Your COTY 2012 - Toyota GT86

Was there ever any doubt? Of the 10 cars we put forward to you for the coveted CT COTY award, it was the GT86 (and its Subaru BRZ sister car) that won the world over in a heartbeat. (And your hearts, clinching an impressive 29 per cent of the votes). Here's what CT writer Darren Cassey wrote of the brilliant and no-nonsense sports car:
When the Toyobaru sports car collaboration was announced with the FT-86 concept, the motoring world pitched a tent in its pants that has yet to subside. And thank God – a.k.a. Tetsuya Tada – it didn’t disappoint. The Toyota GT86 represents everything that I love about cars; it has useable power in a small, placeable sports chassis, with decent grip levels that also allow you to get slidey should the mood take you. It is a car that urges you to wring the neck of all 200 horses under the bonnet and if that ain’t enough, they’ve made it easily tunable. Epic win.
Check out our infographic of your COTY 2012 winners and losers:

Let's see the Toyota GT86 in action!

Thanks to everyone who voted (in record number). May everyone get the keys to a GT86 this Christmas. Failing that, these prezzies might do... Now check out what we're excited about in 2013.