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You Can Buy The Electric London Black Cab As A Camper Van

LEVC has revealed a camper van based on the same platform as its TX Hackney Carriage

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You Can Buy The Electric London Black Cab As A Camper Van - News

The London Electric Vehicle Company seems keen to make the most of the investment it ploughed into the ‘TX’ black cab. We’ve already seen the new Hackney Carriage’s platform spawn a ‘VN5’ van, and now, LEVC has revealed this all-new ‘e-Camper’.

Although the press release is light on details, from the sounds of it, the e-Camper has the same powertrain setup as the TX and VN5. That involves a rear axle-mounted motor powered by a 31kWh battery pack.

You Can Buy The Electric London Black Cab As A Camper Van - News

It can travel around 60 miles on a full charge, which isn’t going to be too helpful for far-flung camping destinations. Handily, though, the e-Camper has that lesser-seen EV accessory: a range extender. Under the bonnet is a 1.5-litre inline-three borrowed from fellow Geely brand Volvo (along with various other components from the Swedish firm) which never directly powers the wheels. It’s merely there to act as a generator, keeping the battery topped up and increasing the range to 304 miles.

LEVC has worked with a UK-based camper conversion company called Wellhouse Leisure to make sure the e-Camper is sufficiently outfitted for a few nights away from home. You get sleeping for four, an electric kitchenette, a pop-up roof and a folding table. The front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the latter.

Because camping usually goes hand-in-hand with adventure-y stuff like mountain biking/surfing/extreme ironing, LEVC will offer a range of proprietary racks to suit your hashtaglifestyle needs.

You Can Buy The Electric London Black Cab As A Camper Van - News

You’ll get a much broader choice of exterior colours and alloy wheels than you do with other LEVC vehicles, which apparently will help you “stand out from the conventional campervan crowd”. Lovely.

The indicative list price is £62,250, which sounds like a lot, although it’s worth pointing out that VW’s more conventionally powered California costs a similarly punchy £55,484. These things simply aren’t cheap. If you can stomach the up-front cost, it’s possible to register your interest now, ahead of initial deliveries which kick off during the last quarter of 2021.