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#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion

#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion - General

My pick for the #AcrossTheUSChallenge is the 2005 Ford Excursion and is a little unconventional, but in my opinion well suited for this. It’s big, bold, and makes Suburbans cry. Based off of the Super Duty F-Series truck, the one I’m opting for would be equipped with the 6.0 Liter Power Stroke Diesel V8. With diesel power and a large fuel tank, range between gas stations won’t be much of a problem. And with money being no object, the mods are pretty much limitless.

#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion - General

Factory Specs/equipment:

  • 6.0l Power Stroke 32v V8 (325 hp/560 lbft)
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • 5R110 5 speed Automatic
  • NP273 Transfer Case (2.72:1 Low range)
  • Auto Hubs with manual secondary
  • 3.73 gear ratio
  • Curb Wight: 7,700 lbs
  • Solid front and rear axles
#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion - General


  • Bulletproofing the engine (this engine isn’t exactly known for factory reliability…)
  • Transmission Kit to make it robust
  • A tuner to allow for selectable power settings (economy and max power)
  • Upgraded radiator
  • HD alternator
  • EGR Delete
  • Main PCM Reflash
  • ARB Air Lockers (same 3.73 ratio)
  • Air Compressor (for lockers) with air hose and fittings
  • Auxiliary lighting (not LED light bars)
  • ARB Bumper (like pictured)
  • Goodyear DuraTrac Tires on factory rims (255/85r16)
  • Spare tire rack (like pictured)
  • Beefed up skid plates
  • Upgraded Shocks
  • Upgraded Rotors and Pads
  • Warn 12,000 lb winch
  • Police Scanner
  • CB radio
  • Aftermarket Radio and upgraded speakers
  • Road trip music playlist
#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion - General

With a 44 gallon fuel tank, and an average real world fuel ratings from members of the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum with average 18 mpg, the expected travel of the truck would be about 792 miles between fill-ups. Ideal for when I’m nowhere near a gas station. Due to the immense space, the truck could carry lots of needed things, like spare parts, in relative comfort. The intimidating size can scare people out of the way. Although that size will be a downfall when it comes to tight trails and when I start in San Fran and arrive in NYC. But bumpers are called bumpers for a reason.



  • Big and spacious
  • Off road capable
  • Large fuel tank
  • Turbo Diesel
  • Tow mirrors
  • Parts are relatively common
  • Decent aftermarket support
  • Scares soccer moms and Chevy Suburbans alike
  • My knowledge and love of Fords
#AcrossTheUSChallenge - 2005 Excursion - General


  • Turning radius of a battleship
  • 6.0l Power Stroke wasn’t very reliable when first introduced
  • Despite diesel power, still a thirsty truck
  • VERY heavy
  • Not exactly meant to go fast
  • Aerodynamics of a barn
  • Still a 3/4 ton truck
  • The time and money needed to just fill the fuel tank

I do not own the truck seen in the images (as much as I’d love to). It’s owned by bjm206ksw3, and the images were sourced from his Flickr account of the same name via google images.