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Would You Buy This Burned-Out Lamborghini For £13,000?

After what must have been a catastrophic fire, a wrecked and rusty Lamborghini Murcielago chassis has gone up for sale from one eBay seller who's obviously feeling lucky at the moment

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Lamborghini - Would You Buy This Burned-Out Lamborghini For £13,000? - News

What if we told you that you could buy a Lamborghini Murcielago for £13,000? What if we then told you that you could also buy a burned-out, rusted lump of metal for £13,000, and that they’re one and the same thing?

This poor old raging bull is quite literally just a fraction of the car it was when it left the factory. It caught fire one day and the whole thing is pretty much gutted. The roof has bent badly, what remains of the doors no longer seem to fit and the front and rear subframes are a rusty nightmare.

Lamborghini - Would You Buy This Burned-Out Lamborghini For £13,000? - News

This twisted hunk of more or less junk is surely too far gone to make a worthy project. It’s difficult to see or imagine any salvageable components from what we can see here. When it comes to high-load driving, would you want to put your trust – and life – in a chassis that once looked like this? You’d always be better off buying a sound second-hand one.

It’s for sale on eBay in the US by a seller named ‘lamborghinidismantler’. He does seem to be legit, with a number of Murcielago parts for sale, but we still think this frame is too far gone to justify anything more than scrap value. A shame, really.