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World's Most Gangster Fiat Multipla Sale Sparks Frenzy In Sweden

The only car you'll want to do the school run in...

Remind me later
gangster-fiat-multipla-1 It's the moment we've all been waiting for. After 13 years of ownership, Sweden's most celebrated parents have decided to put their prized Fiat Multipla up for sale. And boy, what an absolute peach it is!* gangster-fiat-multipla-5 With a meaty, 1.6-litre engine developing a tasty 103bhp under the hood, this Italian corker "is nice inside and outside". But what really sets this car apart are the classy mods this owner has added to an otherwise perfect vehicle (that's if you completely discount its retina-bleeding styling and shape). gangster-fiat-multipla-4 Let's start with the decals; an "NCV" logo complete with roaring tiger adds an undeniable physical presence. Then there are the seven-spoke rims on sticky Dunlop Sport tyres. If Italians liked grains, this vehicle would be pure rice. gangster-fiat-multipla-3 Around the front, on top of the standard lamps, are three goliath 9" headlights, perfect for lighting up those dark Swedish roads in the winter months. And fear not; this particular Multipla - or Multiple as the owners have written in their ad - "starts in all weather" which is ideal for when it's minus 22 outside and you need to drop the kids off at school and show off your crazy whip to jealous parents. gangster-fiat-multipla-2 More exciting is the news of a bargain basement sale. The owners of this car have decided to slash its price from a starting bid of 14,500Kr to 13,900Kr. A true bargain! To view the full listing and potentially put in a bid, visit Swedish classifieds site Blocket, and prepare to lay down roughly £1,400 or $2,200 for this piece of automotive history. *Warning: paragraphs may contain traces of sarcasm.