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Witness This Porsche 911 Driver Avoid A Huge Smash On A French Autoroute

This Porsche driver's quick thinking and confidence behind the wheel helped him avoid a serious smash

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Picture 25 The moment when a French Porsche 911 (993) driver narrowly avoided a massive smash on the Autoroute was caught by his very own in-car footage. The short video below shows a car taking a slip road onto the motorway very badly. The driver appears to be carrying too much speed and he/she plows straight into fast-moving traffic and into another road user. Picture 26 The Porsche driver acts calmly and cooly, steering away from danger confidently. He misses the original car (now in the central reservation barrier) and the debris, which is strewn on the road surface. The innocent car which was struck is launched across the Autoroute and comes to rest on a grassy verge. Our Porsche driver's "putain de merde!" exclamation says it all. As does his proud patting of his car's steering wheel... Video