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Witness The Fury Of A 600bhp, AWD Fiat Coupe

This 16-valve Fiat Coupe has been given an all-wheel drive conversion, and a stupid amount of boost

Remind me later

Let’s get this out of the way now: no, this particular Fiat Coupe is not powered by a warble-tastic 20-valve inline-five. Instead, it’s one of the considerably less fruity-sounding 16-valve inline-four Coupes, but hopefully you can still appreciate the lunacy of the thing.

Built by an Italian firm called Rama Racing (which has also made a 1000bhp Lancia Delta Integrale, by the way), it’s been converted to all-wheel drive, although it looks like the system can only just contain the 600bhp output of the heavily boosted 2.0-litre engine. We’re quite fond of that front bumper exhaust exit, too.

With most Fiat Coupes tipping the scales at around 1300kg from the factory, roughly tripling the original power output of the 16-valve turbo version has quite a dramatic effect: the Rama Racing car is seen easily clocking 10-second quarter-mile runs, and is apparently good for nine second passes…