Traffic Racer Is The Street Racing App We Can't Stop Playing

There is something about this simple, addictive and frustrating game that has millions of users absolutely hooked.

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Traffic Racer Is The Street Racing App We Can't Stop Playing - Gaming

With over 50 million users on Google Play alone, Traffic Racer proves that road rage translates quite well into digital form. The free app from developer Soner Kara challenges players to race through the streets at top speed while darting between traffic. Points are awarded for hitting high speeds, travelling longer distances, riding against opposing traffic and cutting it close while overtaking other vehicles.

Traffic Racer Is The Street Racing App We Can't Stop Playing - Gaming

The gameplay is easy to learn but difficult to master. Use on-screen buttons or tilt the screen to navigate the roads, while acceleration can be managed either manually or automatically. You are given a basic pickup truck as your starter vehicle with limited modifications until you earn money for upgrades. You can choose a different paint colour and rims, and upgrade your car’s speed, handling and acceleration.

Once you’re happy with your ride you can hit the road in one of these game modes:

  • Endless One-Way: Drive in the same direction as all the other traffic going as far as you can without crashing.
  • Endless Two-Way: Same goal as before: don’t crash. This time drive with traffic going in both directions.
  • Time Trial: Score as many points as possible in 100 seconds. Crashing won’t end your session, but will slow you down while your car reappears.
  • Free Ride: No rules or time, just drive for your own delight. Choose how heavily saturated the traffic will be from no cars to 100%.
  • Daily Bonus: Once per day, take this timed run to earn more cash as you fly through traffic in an ambulance.
Traffic Racer Is The Street Racing App We Can't Stop Playing - Gaming

The game starts with two types of roads: suburban and desert. You can pay to unlock two others: snowy and city night. The city night road will award you twice the amount of cash as the same performances would on other roads, so it proves to be a nice investment. Earning more points in this game is simple. More points are awarded the faster you drive, and you will receive bonuses for consecutive close overtakes, as well as driving against traffic in the Endless Two-Way mode.

Screenshot of New Daily Bonus
Screenshot of New Daily Bonus

We contacted developer Soner Kara to confess our addiction to his game and find out more about its future. He told us, “I have started this project as a hobby and the first version took 8 months to develop. I have been updating the game for 2 years now. The first version had only 5 cars, now it has 21 cars to choose from and many other features.”

This is Soner’s first mobile game to hit the market, and he plans on growing it into the most popular endless racer with continuous updates. “I will definitely add more content and features with the next update, including at least one supercar which will be the fastest car in the game,” says Soner.

We were pleased with the latest update that improved controls and added the daily bonus feature, but the promise of a new supercar really excites us. While he can’t make any promises, Soner tells us he is also working on a police chase mode. If all goes well, it could make its debut in a future update.

We’re glad Soner Kara pursued his hobby and released this game as a result. He must have known that road rage flows through our veins 24/7 because man, does this game get us going. Let’s see those high scores and let the smack talk begin.