Why Lamborghini Aventador Police Car? Because Dubai

Feeling pretty big doing 150mph in Dubai? But what’s that behind you? Oh, it’s the police doing 200 mph in their spanking new Aventador

Remind me later
Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police Dubai is well known as a supercar-Mecca, but why should the fun be limited to its civilians? Dubai’s police force wanted to get in on the action, which explains their latest purchase: a Lamborghini Aventador. Dubai Police tweeted: “Latest #Dubai_Police patrols, now at your service,” with one of the many images that have now gone viral. Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police Parked So why do they need an Aventador? Partly it’s down to the fact that, even if this car isn’t used on patrols, it acts as a massive PR stunt for the force. And if it is used on patrols, it will make the many supercar drivers in Dubai think twice before speeding. Fancy trying to outrun the 5-0 at 217mph? Thought not. Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police Lights Unfortunately, however, the odds of this Aventador lasting longer than a few weeks are slim, as the Italians proved a few years ago. Then there are those reliability issues... Other Dubai police cars include a BMW M5, Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet Camaro (a new fleet of Camaros is due to be delivered later this year). If only Boris Johnson would do the same in London. dubai police lambo A few Dubai police traffic stats for you:
In 2012 there were 122 road deaths and 2,161 injuries in Dubai. 15 per cent of all speeding fines in Dubai are issued for driving at more than 130 mph. In April 2012, Dubai police issued 67,000 traffic fines, 2000 of which were for reversing on motorways.
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