Alex Kersten 9 years ago

Which Of These 6 Stunners Deserves Your Vote As Best Looking Car Ever?

We've had our say. Now the ultimate decision is up to you. Which is the best looking car here?

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Last year, we started a series called 'Why The xxxx Is The Best Looking Car Ever'. In total, six cars were put forward as candidates for the coveted crown, but the final decision is up to you. Here is a reminder of each great looking car and a few reasons why they deserve your vote in our poll below. Choose wisely, folks. There can only be one winner:

1. Audi Sport Quattro

Alex K started things off with the raucous-looking Audi Sport Quattro. He said:
Despite the car’s designer – Peter Birtwhistle – describing this Audi as “bloody ugly”, the Sport Quattro is, to my eyes at least, the best-looking car ever created. It’s boxy, squat, imposing, wide and simply awesome to ogle from any angle. Take the bonnet as an example; it’s caked with air vents and bulges and sticks two fingers up at symmetry.

2. Ferrari 288 GTO

Oli Kew backed the Ferrari 288 GTO's corner with these words:
That profile is perfect. The way the front splitter lip matches the angle of the rear spoiler. The simple, single triangular air intakes, so much neater than the F40’s holey body. And then there’s the neat three rear vents, and the way the car flashes the rear of the gearbox casing. No rear diffusers here, just massive tyres, tiny exhausts, and a big hunk of metal kissing the ground.

3. Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evo II

Darren went DTM-inspired old-school for his Mercedes 190 E candidate. He argued:
My God, does this thing have presence. The boxy roof line that shoots off at right angles along the bonnet, skipping merely inches from the top of the wheel arches. The front grille and headlights are imposing enough to be a Mafia getaway car, and that looks like every boy racer’s wet dream; big, bold and unashamedly brash, it is the perfect symbol for this DTM-esque brute.

4. BMW Z8

Tom's top model was this, the BMW Z8. He said:
BMW’s original press release describes the Z8 as “romantically curvaceous” – and it’s right. The front-engine, rear-drive layout permits the classic proportions of a 50s/60s roadster. With a long, lithe bonnet, pert rear, low belt-line and a cockpit slung backwards towards the rear arches – in profile the Z8 is as accomplished a design as ever there’s been.

5. Eagle E-Type Speedster

Alex H went for the sleek and sexy Eagle E-Type Speedster. He described it as:
Words cannot express its beauty. To me, it’s like one of those rare girls who don’t need make-up to look hot. It doesn’t shout sex all the time like a Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini Aventador and it isn’t full of snobbery like a Bentley Mulsanne. While it’s sleek design could be described as a little simplistic, it’s so right from every angle.

6. Jaguar XJ220

Adnan's choice was the stunning Jaguar XJ220. Here's what he had to say:
Even a Murcielago LP640 will struggle to match it for sheer presence. The XJ220's nose is simple and clean, whilst it hangs its square arse out sans embarrassment. Two large vents help to suck in air to cool the mid-mounted engine block which sits behind the cabin. And even at idle, there’s enough to keep all your senses engaged: the whiff of petrol, the thrum of the engine penetrating the cabin, and a persistent vibration rumbling through your midriff.

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