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Wheeler Dealers Is Returning To The UK, Ant Anstead To Depart

Mike Brewer has confirmed that from series 17, the show will switch from its US setting back to the UK, which will involve a new mechanic on the team

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Wheeler Dealers Is Returning To The UK, Ant Anstead To Depart - News

After six years based in the USA, Wheeler Dealers is returning to its homeland. Host Mike Brewer has confirmed series 17 will be filmed in the UK at a workshop near Bicester Heritage, with the move triggering a mechanic change.

Ant Anstead, who replaced Edd China in 2017, will no longer be a series regular. Having put down roots in the US, he’s decided to remain there, “to be close to family and concentrate on his new TV projects”. He will, however, be “popping in” to the new UK workshop from time to time.

Anstead’s replacement is Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, a former McLaren Formula 1 mechanic turned TV presenter who’s already starred in Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car.

In a Zoom call with Anstead and Priestly, Brewer explained the thinking behind the location shift. “We have been inundated with the audience saying ‘when are you coming home?’…We do listen to the audience and we do feel after our six years of being here, it’s time to return back to our roots,” he said.

Wheeler Dealers is currently part-way through its 16th series, which will be the last to feature Anstead full time. Series 17, with the new format, will kick off during autumn 2021.