Alex Hamilton 10 years ago

Watch This Bloke's LPG Tank Explode Dramatically

An LPG conversion is a great way to save bags of money. But it will kill you

Remind me later
Petrol prices are ridiculous at the moment and they're set to get worse. One way to cut costs is to convert your car to run on Autogas; you'll pay only 80p a litre, meaning you won't have to settle for that frugal diesel car or hybrid-powered Prius borebox. Then again, they won't try to kill you when you refuel... Watch the video above where this bloke's LPG tank - probably installed by his mate Dave - dramatically explodes straight after being brimmed with gas. It hammers open the boot and, comically, blows the car's soft top roof open in no time. The lesson here? Get your LPG installed by a qualified professional. Or save up for one of these. Image courtesy of Car Memes