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Watch The Bloodhound LSR 'Drag Race' A Bugatti Chiron And An F1 Car

The Bloodhound LSR team has released a video comparing the way its potential record-breaker gathers speed to an F1 car and a Bugatti Chiron

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After hitting 628mph during testing last year, Bloodhound LSR has proven itself to be enormously fast. But with a Rolls-Royce EJ200 fighter jet engine providing the main source of thrust (later to be supplemented by a Nammo rocket), the way it gathers speed is very different to say, a hypercar.

The best way to demonstrate this would be a drag race, but the Kalahari desert isn’t exactly the optimal place to run something that not built to challenge land speed records. As such, the Bloodhound team decided instead to ‘virtually’ drag race the LSR with a Bugatti Chiron, a Formula 1 car and a ‘standard road car’.

Watch The Bloodhound LSR 'Drag Race' A Bugatti Chiron And An F1 Car - News

We’ll let you watch the video to see how it pans out, but what we will say is that Bloodhound takes a great deal longer to get going than the F1 machine and the hypercar. In fact, to 60mph, a lot of modern hot hatches would beat it. However, there comes a point where the pace picks up dramatically, with the LSR soon disappearing into the distance.

Along with the video, the team also announced that it has gone into ‘hibernation’ due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Gaining funding at a time like this is going to be nigh-on impossible, so the record attempt is very unlikely to take place in 2021, CEO Ian Warhurst said.