Matt Robinson 8 years ago
Formula 1

Watch Senna Demonstrate How To Heel-And-Toe In Loafers Like A Boss

Ayrton Senna uses fancy footwork to drive a Honda NSX fast

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Senna footwork If you're hoping to master the art of heel-and-toe driving, you might as well learn from the best. This video of Ayrton Senna nailing a Honda NSX around Japan's Suzuka circuit has been around before, but only in rubbish quality and out-of-sync sound. Thanks to the work of Malcolm Edeson these issues have been sorted, so now we can watch the late three-time F1 champ demonstrate how to use fancy footwork to drive quick. Ayrton's gentle but effective approach is simply mind-blowing, and will make any self-respecting car guy want to have a bash at heel-and-toe. The oh-so 80s loafers are optional, though. Video