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Watch A VW Rally Car Go Head-To-Head With A 980bhp Kamaz Truck

Witness two titans of rallying battle through the forest stages of Finland

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Kamaz trucks are derived from Russian military vehicles, but these rally monsters have taken some serious vitamins. Built to conquer epic races like the Dakar Rally, they can go pretty much anywhere they want. Using massive 12.5-litre diesel engines, these trucks kick out 980bhp through a 16-speed transmission, making for a top speed of nearly 100mph – even on loose surfaces.

The VW Polo R WRC is a championship-winning car that’ll get from 0-62mph in around 3.9 seconds, but watch as the modified Russian truck appears to defy the laws of physics by taking on a tricky forest rally course and successfully keeping up with the car that’s dominating the WRC title race.