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Watch A Camaro ZL1's Airbags Unexpectedly Deploy On Track

After taking a little too much kerb, this ZL1 driver got a nasty surprise from his curtain airbags

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The driver's right arm is paralysed, in case you're wondering about the one-handing steering!

It was supposed to be a fun day out at Driveway Austin for this Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driver, but unfortunately, the car had other ideas. After taking a little to much kerb just around the 1min 38sec mark of the above video, the driver received a nasty surprise: the curtain airbags on either side of the car fired.

The airbags deployed after the car seemed to hop off the kerb and back onto the track, so it’s possible the car was anticipating a rollover. The driver was visibly shaken by the ordeal, but other than a minor cut was not injured.

Watch A Camaro ZL1's Airbags Unexpectedly Deploy On Track - Muscle

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Camaro ZL1’s curtain airbags suffer an unwanted deployment. The same thing happened to a YouTuber’s modified example last year, and at the time, it was speculated that it was down to an aftermarket exhaust with a diverter pipe located right near the airbag sensor.

Source: R Stands For Race via Motor 1