Impact Wrench Repair/Troubleshooting

Impact wrenches are the most common Pneumatic tool a auto mechanic uses. After awhile we start to notice a drop in “Gun”performance . Many companies use inferior parts inside their impacts intentionally. Why pay the tool truck man inflated repair prices. Repair your tools yourself and save that $100 service fee. We will show you How.


We tested the ZIW812 after it’s service. As expected it was back to top form. A simple vein replacement was all that was required. Since we stock replacement parts for all our tools. Our down time was only minimal. When buying pneumatic tools, Don’t always shop price. look at offered services and the availability of service parts. That $99 impact may cost you more money in down time or service fees than you expected. Like our Facebook page to see videos of our tools in action and please check out our website. We hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions we wold be glad to help you out.


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This is very cool 10/10 dude.

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