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Try Not To Wince As A Corvette Z06 Head-Butts Some Nurburgring Armco

After dropping the back end and smashing into the barrier, this driver and his passenger don't seem bothered about getting out of harm's way...

Remind me later

This week we watched slack-jawed as a little Daihatsu somehow avoided a painful roll-over crash, but today we’re looking at a significantly less heroic Nordschleife video.

In it, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 driver is too greedy with the throttle at just the wrong point, pitching the car into a spin. ‘Vette, meet Armco, Armco, meet ‘Vette.

It’s a classic mistake that we’ve seen plenty of times before. What’s more egregious though is the events immediately after: both the driver and the passenger slowly emerge from the car, with the latter seemingly more interested in checking her phone that getting to safety.

The footage then cuts to the pair both engrossed in their mobiles, casually leaning against the dangerous side of the barrier. And we all know why this is an extremely bad idea