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Try Not To Cry As A Confiscated Ferrari 458 Is Crushed

A 'rogue landlord' had his 458 Spider seized by police and crushed last year, and today footage of the car's untimely death has emerged on YouTube

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This is definitely one of those lie down on the floor, try not to cry moments. And before you ask, yes, this is a real Ferrari 458 Spider being ripped to shreds.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering why, so let us take you through it. The car belonged to 30-year-old Zahid Khan, a millionaire businessman branded a ‘rogue landlord’ after forcing tenants out of his property in 2016. After three of the six charges against him were upheld, Khan was ordered to carry out 150 hours of community service. When turning up to an appeal hearing at Birmingham Crown Court, he parked and left the ill-fated Ferrari on the pavement.

Apparently believing it was stolen, police later seized the car. When trying to find out what had happened to it, Khan was told it had been destroyed, as it was without valid insurance and was classed as an un-roadworthy ‘category B’ insurance write-off that had been repaired after a serious accident. That said, UK law states that some parts can be salvaged from cat B cars and used on roadworthy vehicles, so we’re not sure why the whole car was binned.

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It’s only now that the harrowing footage has been revealed, showing the mid-engined supercar’s final moments. Khan denies that the 458 was uninsured, and claims that the authorities “went behind my back and removed a court order that was imposed on the car without notifying my self or my legal team.”