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Toyota GR Yaris Destroyed In Dramatic Track Day Roll-Over Crash

A GR Yaris was captured on CCTV at Estonia's Audru Ring suffering a huge crash in the gravel

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Unlike a lot of similarly-priced all-wheel drive hot hatches, the Toyota GR Yaris sends its torque to both axles using a proper, permanent system. This means, particularly if you set it to the 30/70 torque split ‘Sport’ mode, big drifts are possible.

The flip side is you need to be paying attention if the back end lets go when you didn’t intend it to. As a case in point, this CCTV footage from the Audru Ring in Estonia shows a huge and presumably unintended sideways moment at one of the track’s fastest corners. The driver over-corrects and is sent into a deep gravel trap, which the Yaris digs into, triggering a dramatic barrel roll.

The Toyota rolled four times before coming to rest on its battered wheels. In a testament to the strength of modern car shells, the driver was unharmed. The same can’t be said for the car, of course.

The passenger side of the GR Yaris looks in remarkably good condition considering the severity of the accident, but the other side? That’s now holding a very different shape compared to when it left the factory. The carbon fibre roof meanwhile is not just caved in, but split in several places.

Press F, everybody.