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This Terrifying Cars Franchise Origins Theory Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Loads of petrolheads love the Cars movie series but have probably never given any serious thought to how this seemingly fictitious world came into being, but this theory suggests a horrifyingly real possibility

Remind me later

Would you like to have your love for Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise ruined forever? If so, you’re in luck, because a sinister feature over at Jalopnik has creeped us so far out that some of us might never watch another Cars film again. Maybe.

Of course, you could just assume that Cars is completely fictitious and designed to blend cars and fun characterisation of different genders and cultures in a way that appeals to kids and adults alike. Then again, you could opt for a nightmarish vision that will haunt your every attempt to sleep, like the theory’s writer has.

The idea focuses on a theory of how the Cars world could come to exist, and the bottom line makes for deeply unpleasant reading. We really don’t want to post spoilers here but the reasoning is as long as it is disturbing. Go check it out – or, if you’d rather not get cold sweats every time you see Lightning McQueen, don’t.