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This Rented McLaren 650S Has Been Destroyed By Incompetence

When a bad driver, a rented McLaren 650S, Launch Control and a tree-lined car park all mix, this awful destruction is the result

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Some people can afford to rent a McLaren for a day, a weekend or longer. That’s fine; we have no problem with that. On the other hand, when these same people don’t take their privileges seriously and learn how to properly handle the car they’re taking for a spin, that’s difficult for us to overlook.

It’s just a car, of course, and the driver was apparently unhurt. That’s a good thing, because it’s certainly a lesson learned. But, at the end of the day, a McLaren 650S Spider has been utterly kicked in the danglies by a single idiot’s bad choice.

The accident happened in a car park, when the driver attempted to find out what Launch Control was like on the 641bhp supercar. Having driven one myself, I know it’s fairly brutal. Not as brutal, though, as the resulting impact into the trees, after the driver lost all sense of what he was doing and forgot to brake.

The front end of the car is more of a mess than British politics, having been wrapped around a tree. Both front airbags have fired, but amazingly the windscreen is still intact.

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This car has been spotted before in a metallic grey, so we can only assume it was wrapped in white at some point, or even resprayed. The damage looks to be restricted to the front end, and, as bad as it looks, this should be repairable as long as McLaren’s carbon tub is undamaged. We’d guess that it’ll be back on the road by next year.

Let’s hope the next person to get behind the wheel uses a little more caution. Supercars can bite, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.