This Koenigsegg Crash Test Video Is Morbidly Compulsive Viewing

Crash test slow-mo footage is often pretty enjoyable to watch, but this artfully edited highlights reel from Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg takes the biscuit

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Sometimes we bring you the odd Euro NCAP crash test score or two, where it’s something slightly better than the usual bore-fest of men in suits nodding sagely at clipboards. Today we can bring you something brilliant.

Feast your ocular orbs on some artfully edited crash test footage from Koenigsegg. What has to be the most exotic crash test video we’ve ever seen shows the Swedish firm’s wares, including the Agera, going under the hammer. Literally, people can be seen whacking the shell with hammers…

Koenigsegg - This Koenigsegg Crash Test Video Is Morbidly Compulsive Viewing - Supercars and Hypercars

The cars also bear the ugly brunt of front, front corner, side and rear impacts, as well as potential real-world mishaps like bumping up kerbs head-on and dropping into Russian-grade, splitter-shredding potholes.

The Instagram video was released to mark the company’s million-follower milestone on the social media site. We can’t seem to stop watching it, just like with the ADAC Lego Porsche 911 footage from earlier this year…