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This Is The Angriest-Sounding Lotus Exige We've Ever Heard

The star of this conspicuously noisy video is a 500bhp Lotus Exige with a titanium exhaust I

Remind me later

In all its many iterations, the Lotus Exige is a pretty serious car. This one, however, is on another level entirely.

It’s a time attack car upgraded with multiple new aero pieces, slick tyres, a Harrop supercharger giving a 500bhp output, and an Ajko titanium exhaust system. And those pipes leave quite an impression.

This is no ordinary Lotus Exige...
This is no ordinary Lotus Exige...

In the video at the top of the page, the Exige is making a fantastically angry noise as it belts around Franciacorta while competing in a round of the Time Attack Italia. We’d love to listen to it IRL, but get the feeling earplugs might be required…