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This Is Probably The Next BMW 2-Series, And Yes, It'll Be RWD

Images purportedly showing the next-gen 2-series coupe have emerged, showing a pleasing lack of enormo-grille

Remind me later

Although BMW‘s new giant grille trend seems to be trickling down to smaller cars in the range like the 4-series, it looks as though - thankfully - the 2-series will escape unscathed. These leaked images, posted on Instagram by Wilco Blok, purportedly show the next-generation version of the compact coupe. At the front, we can see a pair of kidney grilles that are strikingly wide rather than obnoxiously tall. Result.

There’s still a lot going on, with a big V-shaped element surrounding the lower grille element, and some huge intakes either side. The bumper also protrudes outwards from the headlights, giving the latter an unusual recessed look.

The rear features bumper-integrated trapezoidal exhaust trims (boo!) and an M2 CS-like boot spoiler (yay!). The latter element makes us wonder if this is the next M240i, or at the very least, an M Sport kitted version of the 2er.

Again, it’s quite busy back there, but overall it’s a much more cohesive looking thing than the 2-series Gran Coupe (below), which even to put it diplomatically, is a bit of a mess from some angles.

Better looking than the 2-series Gran Coupe, and drive will go to the 'correct' wheels...
Better looking than the 2-series Gran Coupe, and drive will go to the 'correct' wheels...

The new 2-series will further differentiate itself from the 1-series-based 2er GC by the driven wheels. Unlike the outgoing model, this one won’t share a platform with BMW’s entry-level hatchback, and will instead sit on the same Cluster Architecture (CLAR) as the G20 3-series. So, that means it’ll be predominantly rear-wheel drive, as opposed to front-wheel drive with an optional AWD system for the pokier models.

BMW has previously confirmed that the next-gen 2-series coupe will retain the rear-drive layout of its predecessor, along with the option of a six-cylinder engine. Once again, there’ll be a lairy M2 topping the range.