Darren Cassey 8 years ago

This Gallardo Computer Case Is The Ultimate Way To Show Your Lambo Love

Take one remote control Gallardo, cram it full of computer components, and you have the world's coolest PC

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12223501585_00e9849cdd_c Yes, the photo above is actually of a computer! We recently brought you photos of an incredible Skyline GT-R-themed computer case, and now we've come across another even more impressive car-themed computer creation. Constructed by Von Carlo Rasonabe and submitted to the Cooler Master forum, this PC uses a large remote control Gallardo that has been gutted, then refilled with all the necessary computer parts. The way Rasonabe has managed to cram everything in is impressive, and it looks damn cool in the dark. This trend of car-themed computer cases is something we hope to see continue. 11561138584_3bf7a4cc3d_c 11561253936_d0b206f58e_c 11776386665_8328093b58_c 12223501255_924ec12b8b_o 12233669934_b71661750d_c 11926476265_289eec0599_c