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This Eerily Silent Ferrari 488 Test Mule Can Run On Electricity Alone

Spotted at Ferrari's Fiorano test track, this 488 test chassis clearly pulls away with no noise at all, indicating a new-to-Ferrari layout of hybrid drivetrain

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What you’re looking at is a Ferrari 488 GTB test mule, but what you’re listening to is nothing more than the quiet countryside ambiance adjacent to Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. Yup, that right there is a hybrid-powered 488.

There have been rumblings of hybrid drivetrains around Ferrari for a while, now, but this is the first concrete proof we have that hybrid cars are in the pipeline that – unlike the LaFerrari – can run on electric power alone.

Hybrid Ferraris are rumoured to be on the way for 2019. The company has to meet stricter emissions regulations when its annual sales pass 10,000 cars - a target it is close to hitting.

Source: Motor Authority