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This Driver Miraculously Survives His Car Being Crushed Flat By An Overloaded Cement Mixer

How the hell this driver got out of his car alive when it had just been squashed like an insect by a cement mixer that weighed well over 25 tonnes is a question we can't answer

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There’s lucky, and then there’s this guy. A driver in eastern China has miraculously escaped being crushed like a bug when an overloaded cement mixer toppled over onto his car.

CCTV footage of a junction in Taizhou, in Zhejiang Province, shows an almost empty road where the car driver slowly makes a right-hand turn, straight into the path of an oncoming cement mixer, which had apparently been illegally overloaded with 23 tonnes of mixture. The mixer tries to avoid the crash, but topples over onto the car, squashing the latter’s front end almost flat and flipping it over.

Amazingly, neither driver was seriously hurt in the event. Reports say they were taken to hospital but released later that day. Incredible stuff.