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This Cute Little Suzuki Is Both A Coupe And An Estate

In case you missed it at the Tokyo Motor Show, have a look at this oddball little Suzuki concept that can be either a retro-inspired coupe or a practical estate

Remind me later

Behold the Suzuki Waku SPO concept, a wacky little retro-inspired coupe that can turn into an estate at the touch of a button. As a coupe its cute styling comes from the 1967 Suzuki Fronte 360.

A ‘Wake Waku’ switch operates a clever mechanism to open out the extra boot space of the wagon element as per your needs. Commuting, or taking a date out? Coupe. Bought a new washing machine? Estate. We already love it. Get more of a look around it in these images taken by Steve Fowler, the Editor-in-Chief of our sister title, Auto Express.

Inside the cabin the displays alter to show different readouts depending on which body mode the Waku is in. To access the seats, there are rear-hinged back doors a little like those on Mazda’s new MX-30.

It uses a downsized next-generation plug-in hybrid system, whose details are still secret, and is technically described as a family car, drawn to be friendly to look at. Whatever, we think it looks brilliant, especially the grille and headlights – which could yet make production. The rest of it, sadly, won’t.