This Crash Picture Again Proves The Indestructible Nature Of Old Volvos

Not that you'd know it, but this Volvo 240 was rear-ended by a much more modern car. The result is Volvo 1 - 0 New Car

According to the Reddit uploader and owner of the Volvo:

I have a minor concussion and whiplash. He [the Kia driver] has a broken nose and a totaled car. I couldn’t honestly care less about how safe modern cars are compared to mine, I wasn’t bragging about that. I was showing that my Volvo got butt****ed by the Kia, and that Swedish engineering prevails. My car is mostly unharmed, and I drove it away, while he was towed off. Either way, I’m safe and alive, and I love my Volvo.

Also, this car cost $700. I hope to god they total it out, because then this Volvo will have lived a full life and be retired to the junkyard and be parted out to its brothers. This thing is begging to be put out of its misery of having an 18 yr old daily driving it.