This Bugatti Veyron Donut Session Is Enormously Expensive And Very Satisfying

Today we bring you a rare treat: a Veyron annihilating its tyres in the name of entertainment!

Remind me later

There’s a reason why there aren’t many videos of Bugatti Veyrons shredding tyres on YouTube: cost. Notoriously, the bespoke Michelin tyres - which measure a whopping 365mm in diameter at the rear axle - cost around $40,000 to replace, so even a mega rich Bugatti owner would probably think twice before annihilating a set. Oh, and every fourth tyre change, the wheels have to be swapped too, owing to the unusual way in which the huge boots are fitted.

This Veyron was indeed on its third set of tyres, which makes the decision to do a bunch of donuts for Internet lolz particularly commendable. The tyre/wheel replacement is further complicated by the fact it’s a Mansory modified car - YouTube channel DailyDrivenExotics claims Bugatti’s LA branch won’t work on the car, so the wheels have to be sent to Germany and then France before the work can be done.

What you’re looking at here might just be the most expensive set of donuts ever performed…