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This 1341bhp Taiwanese EV Prototype Hits 60mph In 1.8 Seconds

A new car maker in Taiwan reckons its advanced one-megawatt battery pack is enough to make its prototype the fastest-launching in the world

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A new Taiwanese car maker says it’s building a one-megawatt electric supercar that accelerates even faster than the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

Xing Mobility says it sees the Roadster’s 0-60mph sprint of 1.9 seconds and laughs in its face: Xing’s oddly-named Miss R prototype will do it in just 1.8. Admittedly, both would feel fast enough to rip your head clean off, but bragging rights are bragging rights…

Although the Miss R doesn’t look anything like any finished supercar that it might build might, and is just an eye-catching housing for the development drivetrain, it contains a 4116-cell, 98-module battery with one of the highest power densities of any car-powering battery on the market.

This 1341bhp Taiwanese EV Prototype Hits 60mph In 1.8 Seconds - News

It’s good for a megawatt, or 1341bhp; the same as the record-breaking Nio EP9 Chinese EV. Immersive cooling helps keep the battery at sane temperatures. It’s not the only EV on the company’s cards, either. In another swipe at Tesla, Xing Mobility will soon display an electric commercial vehicle called Mr T (and no, we’re not kidding).

Whether the fledgling car maker can make its ideas a reality is up for debate. As Tesla itself has found out, building cars isn’t easy. The Faraday Future project, which is apparently dead in the water, is a prime example of how difficult a task beating Tesla really is.