These 800whp Huracan Vs 720S Races Should Not Be So Close

With each running around 800hp to the wheels, these two tuned Lamborghini Huracans should have no trouble beating a McLaren 720S...

Remind me later

The two Lamborghini Huracans in this video are stupidly quick cars. One’s an LP610-4 with a twin-turbo system, and the other is an LP580-2 with a VF supercharger kit. Both put down around 800hp to the wheels, so both should be able to best a McLaren 720S in a straight line.

But, these drag races go a different way. Watch the video above, and you’ll see what we mean. Conclusion? The 720S is outrageously fast.

It’s partly down to a conservative power figure. A couple of weeks ago we saw this same 720S put down 691hp to the wheels on a dyno run, equating to around 770hp at the crank. Yep, 50hp more than it should make.

But, that’s still less than the modified Huracans, and weight is fairly similar, so we’re still not sure what kind of voodoo magic is going on with the 720S. Could it just be down to aero?

If the top video wasn’t enough proof of the car’s spectacular straight-line performance for one day, above you’ll see another video from the same channel, showing the 720S making a Huracan Performante look a tad sluggish…