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There's Now A Skoda Karoq Convertible And It's Awesome

A group of students from the Skoda Vocational School created this one-off 'Sunroq'

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Skoda - There's Now A Skoda Karoq Convertible And It's Awesome - News

There’s nothing drastically wrong with the Skoda Karoq - it’s thoroughly competent at most things, and if you really must buy a crossover, it’s a safe bet. But it’s not exactly lovable, is it? At least not in the same way as its big ol’ family bus brother, the dependable and absurdly practical Kodiaq.

But what you’re looking at here is no ordinary Karoq. It’s the latest Skoda Azubi Car (which translates as ‘apprentice car’), built by a team of 23 students of the Skoda Vocational School at the Czech firm’s Mladá Boleslav headquarters. It is, as should be abundantly obvious, a Karoq convertible.

But unlike the Range Rover Evoque convertible, lopping the roof off this Karoq hasn’t created something just a little tragic. On the contrary, we think it’s pretty awesome.

Built in eight months and christened ‘Sunroq’ via a Facebook poll, this heavily-modified Karoq is finished in Velvet Red, and now sports some rather lovely two-tone red/white leather bucket seats. It gets extra points for that Golf R-style quad exhaust, too…