The Tomfoolery Will Still Be Strong In The Grand Tour’s Third Series

Judging by new shots released by The Grand Tour, the show’s third series won’t be holding back on the humour

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Photo via The Grand Tour
Photo via The Grand Tour

In the transition from Top Gear to The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May seemed keen to crank up the “cocking about” side of proceedings. Case in point? The entire second episode of of series one, which mostly involved messing around at a military training camp, broken up only by a brief cameo from the then-new Audi S8.

As the trio film the third series of TGT it…seems to be business as usual. At least that’s how it looks judging by these behind-the-scenes photos released on the show’s social media accounts today, which show Clarkson posing as a traffic warden in South Kensington while wearing a particularly robust moustache, accompanied by the caption “no actual idea on this one.”

It follows a series of photos published in The Sun a few weeks ago that showed the trio - plus Richard Hammond’s wife, weirdly - filming some sort of paparazzi-related skit, also in London.

But if it’s hardcore car content you’re after rather than japery, it looks like you’ll be well served, as a few weeks prior, the TGT crew was spotted shooting in Detroit. The segment will feature Hammond in a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, May in a Hennessey ‘Exorcist’ Camaro and Clarkson in a Ford Mustang RTR. Now that should be a good episode.