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The Tesla Model S P100D Is Now Nearly £50k Cheaper

Tesla has slashed the price of its Model S and Model X in markets across the world, to the ire of some buyers

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Tesla - The Tesla Model S P100D Is Now Nearly £50k Cheaper - News

The cost of buying a range-topping Model S or Model X just got a whole lot less expensive. In markets across the world, Tesla has slashed its prices - quite dramatically so in the UK.

Before, you’d be looking at £131,305 for a Model S P100D, ensuring you’d be paying supercar prices for its supercar-beating performance. Now, though, the P100D has been replaced with the Model S Ludicrous Performance, yours for a much more palatable £83,300, equating to a drop of nearly £50,000. The £72,000 Standard Range and £76,000 Long Range cars complete the restructured line-up.

It’s a similar deal with the Model X: the fastest version of the Falcon-doored EV used to be £137,705, but now it’s £87,200. The Long Range version is £80,200.

This is great news for any prospective buyers, but it’s not so good for any recent buyers, who can now expect a big drop in residual values.

Reaction from owners on forums like the Tesla Motor Club and the Tesla Motors subreddit has been mixed - some are understandably unhappy about the sudden drop in value their cars have received, but there also seems to be plenty of acceptance of the move, with many users claiming it to be an expected consequence of being an early adopter.

Softening the blow somewhat, Tesla has confirmed that anyone who bought one of the company’s cars pre-price drop will be able to purchase driver assistance features for a reduced rate. The company said: “All customers who bought a Tesla before yesterday’s price decrease will be able to buy the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving capability for half of what those features would normally cost after initial purchase.”