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The Porsche 960 Supercar Will Be Here In 2019 With A Flat-Eight Heart

According to reports, the long-awaited mid-engined Porsche 960 will arrive in three years

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Porsche - The Porsche 960 Supercar Will Be Here In 2019 With A Flat-Eight Heart - News

Rumours of a mid-engined Porsche supercar to sit above the 911 Turbo S and below the 918 Spyder have been flying around for some time, but a new report claims to know roughly when it’ll be here. According to Car magazine, the ‘960’ - a trademark which Porsche applied for last year - will most likely be arriving in 2019 following the expected release of a new 911 in 2018, and it’ll be quite a beast.

We’re apparently looking at a £200,000 price tag - pitching it in with the likes of the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 650S - and an unusual engine layout: a flat-eight. As ever with Porsche this means a nice motorsport heritage tie-in thanks to the flat-eight 907 and 908 race cars of the 1960s and 70s, but the layout will also bring benefits such as a lower centre of gravity. It’s thought to feature clever variable compression ratio technology, giving smoother running and better efficiency. The company is allegedly already testing the engine in a heavily modified Cayman.

Car’s report suggests a four-wheel drive layout will be used, potentially with hardcore rear-wheel drive versions appearing later on, plus an all-new platform. Excited? You should be…