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The New Toyota GR Supra Has Been Recalled… By BMW

A total of seven GR Supras have been identified as having potentially dodgy welds on the seatbelt assemblies, and have been recalled by the company that built them

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Toyota - The New Toyota GR Supra Has Been Recalled… By BMW - News

The new A90 Toyota GR Supra has been recalled in the USA by BMW. The slightly awkward recall, given all the hate being flung at the Supra for being – wait for it – too much like a BMW, affects just seven of the new sports cars.

BMW, which makes the new tuner’s favourite alongside the Z4 at its Graz facility in Austria, has discovered that these seven cars could have under-strength welding where the seatbelts anchor to the chassis. Nothing important, then. The upshot is that if a weighty person was in a head-on crash in an affected car, the seatbelt might, err, come off.

Toyota - The New Toyota GR Supra Has Been Recalled… By BMW - News

It’s not all bad news, though. If any of the seven cars do actually have the flaw BMW thinks might be present, the owner will get a whole new Supra. The welding is such a crucial safety issue that it can’t be remedied after the car has left the production line. The only course of action BMW – and therefore Toyota – can take is to supply a totally new car.

Before that, though, Toyota will handle the recall and the inspections. The seven owners will be contacted by a Toyota dealer by phone since the numbers involved are so small. A letter will be sent if the franchise can’t get through by phone. The dealer will book the car in for inspection, let the owner know what they find and then, just maybe, ask them which colour they’d like their new one in.