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The New Mercedes-AMG '45 Range Tops Out At Nearly £60,000

Mercedes has revealed pricing for the A45, CLA 45 and CLA 45 Shooting Brake, and they're all over £50k

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The New Mercedes-AMG '45 Range Tops Out At Nearly £60,000 - News

We weren’t expecting the new Mercedes-AMG A45 to be much of bargain, but even so, the UK price list for the new ‘45 range is what you might call ‘eyebrow-raising’.

None of the base ‘non-S’ 45 models will be sent to the British Isles, making the 415bhp A45 S the entry point. Want one? You’ll need to part with £50,570. If you like the sound of an AMG Aerodynamic package, adaptive dampers, a panoramic roof, fancier LED headlights and 19-inch wheels, there’s the A45 S Plus to consider. It also features electric seats, leather upholstery plus a Burmester sound system, and is 56,570 on-the-road.

The New Mercedes-AMG '45 Range Tops Out At Nearly £60,000 - News

The CLA 45 S ‘Coupe’ is £52,145 or 58,145 in Plus trim. Opt for the CLA 45 Shooting Brake, and that’ll be £53,570 or £59,570 for the Plus, please.

That’s right, near enough £60,000 for the most expensive ‘45. The silver lining is you won’t be able to inflate any of these prices further: as Mercedes aims to simplify its hugely complex range, it’s decided not to offer a single optional extra on either the base trim cars or the Plus versions.

The New Mercedes-AMG '45 Range Tops Out At Nearly £60,000 - News

The flip side is you can’t mix and match. Want adaptive dampers without the conspicuous aero bits? Tough - they’re a package deal along with all of the plusher interior elements. Mercedes-Benz UK couldn’t tell us which versions it expects to be more popular, but we’d anticipate that the Plus cars will make up the majority of orders.

Which of the three ‘45s would you go for, and would it be in base form or as a Plus?