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The New Jaguar XJR575 Is 567bhp Of Weaponised Comfort

At a glance it could be just another no-doubt diesel-fulled Jaguar XJ going about its business, but the XJR575 is a true cruise missile that has to be limited to a 186mph top speed

Remind me later

Jaguar has revealed the most powerful production XJ ever. With 567bhp going through the rear tyres, the new XJR575 will hit its electronically-limited 186mph top speed in 44 seconds, having passed 62mph in a traction-limited 4.4 seconds.

The engine is the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 we know and love, but tuned for even more giggles. A hefty 516lb ft whack gives it a, err, fairly satisfying midrange. It’s a semi-separate model placed just below the Autobiography model near the top of the XJ tree, and while Jaguar isn’t likely to sell vast amounts of them, it’s still a nice thing to know it exists at all.

Jaguar - The New Jaguar XJR575 Is 567bhp Of Weaponised Comfort - News

It’s only built in standard wheelbase length and doesn’t come cheap, starting at £93,710 before you delve into the extremely lengthy XJ options list, although, in fairness, it shouldn’t really need much extra tech or trim.

It gets the option of two unique paint colours created by Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division, diamond-quilted leather seats and ‘575’ logos here and there. To mark its arrival as a new performance halo model, the company has filmed a 44-second interview in the XJR575’s back seats with Wayne Burgess of SVO, who gives us an absolutely-definitely-not-pre-rehearsed series of quick-fire answers on what the car’s about. You also get to see how quickly the car powers past 100mph. Enjoy.