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The New Honda Civic Type R Somehow Makes 295bhp At The Wheels

Despite a claimed power output of only a little over 300bhp, a tuning company's dyno test suggests that the Civic might be a bit more powerful than that...

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The Honda Civic Type R is putting out 295bhp at the wheels, according to a Puerto Rican dyno test that suggests that either the car is putting out even more than its claimed power, or that its drivetrain losses are pretty damn small.

With 316bhp the advertised flywheel power figure, a loss of just 21bhp through the engine, gearbox and drive shafts would be way lower than expected.

The real truth, which the tuning company’s Facebook post doesn’t help us with, is that the Civic might simply be putting out a fair bit more than 316bhp; perhaps more like 335bhp. Or maybe the dyno is over-reading. DynoCenter’s video above is too short to give us any extra information to help us judge. Either way, that’s one feisty Civic.